Senin, 29 November 2010

dental health care tips

toothache emerge due to direct stimulation in gigi.stimulation It could be a food or drink that is too hot or too coll. stimulate like that can cause inflammation of the pulp which generally occurs as a complication of deep caries is the central nervous vitals. pupa sensitive teeth, so that when there is stimulation will lead to a sense of pain and throbbing pulsation. usually pain will last longer, although stimulation was not. taste pain often spreads to other places around and feel more pain at night.
Regular dental care can prevent pain and other dental problems. Therefore, it should always maintain healthy teeth to avoid toothache. There are a few things to note in dental health care, including (1) brush teeth after every meal or at least 2 times a day, (2) prevent the occurrence of cavities with fluoride toothpaste and once every 6 months to a doctor examine your teeth, (3) avoid smoking, because smoking causes the atmosphere of the mouth becomes acidic and can facilitate the occurrence of tooth decay, (4) eat a healthy and nutritious foods, avoid foods that are sweet and sticky because the bacteria will thrive in the tooth, and eat fruit as a dessert and then rinsing so that no residual food stuck in teeth.

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